Tool and plant thefts from construction sites cost contractors roughly £95 million each year, according to UK police agencies.

PGFM Ltd provides comprehensive construction site security services that work in tandem with your construction schedule.

Construction sites are frequently targeted because:

  • High-value assets, equipment, and tools.
  • Open access points and easy vehicular entry.
  • Vacant sites out of hours and during weekends.

All of this might be harmful to your company’s operations.

Trespassers and intruders have the potential to wreak long-term damage. Due to insufficient security protections, several construction enterprises have incurred tens of thousands of pounds in costs to replace stolen assets and repair damage, as well as months of delays while repairs are completed. That is why having a watchful security team is so important. Someone who can be trusted to act on instinct and serve as a visible deterrent to potential criminals.