Access Control and CCTV Installation Services

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At Professional Guarding Facilities Management, we provide Access Control and CCTV Installation services that help secure your property and provide real-time monitoring to enhance your security measures. Our team of experienced security professionals is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to provide state of the art security solutions tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Access Control Systems Installation:
We provide a range of access control solutions designed to limit access to your property to authorized people only. Our team will conduct a thorough security assessment to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities to your property. Based on the assessment, we will recommend the most appropriate access control solution that meets your security requirements. Our access control solutions include biometric systems, smart card systems, and proximity readers that allow easy access to authorized individuals while limiting entry to unauthorized ones.

CCTV Installation:
Our CCTV systems are designed to provide real-time video footage of your property, enhancing your ability to monitor your surroundings. We provide CCTV installations for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our security experts will work with you to determine the most appropriate camera positions and system designs tailored to your property's security needs and budget. We offer a range of CCTV systems, including IP cameras, analog cameras, and wireless cameras, that provide you with clear and reliable images of your property.

Integrated Solutions:
We provide integrated solutions that combine both access control and CCTV installations that offer comprehensive security solutions. Integrated solutions provide a real-time overview of the activities happening on your property, enabling you to take any necessary steps in case of an emergency. We will work with you to tailor an integrated security solution that meets your specific security needs.

At Professional Guarding Facilities Management, we pride ourselves on delivering Access Control and CCTV Installation services that help our clients protect their property, and we are committed to providing high-quality security solutions that meet our clients' unique requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our Access Control and CCTV Installation services and discuss your security requirements with our team.


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