Dog Handlers

At Professional Guarding Facilities Management, we understand that there are situations where a static guarding presence may not be enough to deal with certain security situations, and we offer a premium dog handler service to provide an extra layer of protection and deterrence. Our dog handlers are trained and certified to operate in a wide range of environments, such as construction sites, retail, corporate, education, healthcare, entertainment and residential areas.

Our dog handlers are equipped with specially trained dogs who can quickly detect and respond to any potential security threat by using their superior sense of smell and hearing. Our dog handlers are uniformed and highly visible, which provides an added layer of deterrence to potential wrongdoers.

Our dog handler service is fully customisable, based on our clients' specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique security needs, tailor our service to their specifications, and provide a bespoke solution that encompasses excellent care for the animals used in the service.


Our dog handlers are highly trained and experienced in handling their dogs and operate under strict protocols to ensure the safety of businesses and the community. Our handlers consistently attend continuing education courses to ensure that their skills are up to date, such as First Aid and Animal Welfare programs.

At Professional Guarding Facilities Management, our dog handler services provide a superior solution to security concerns and have been recognised for their effectiveness. We work to ensure the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and ethical practices across all our services - static security or dog handler services.

Choose our dog handler services at Professional Guarding Facilities Management for your next security needs to experience the level of protection that only a well-trained and highly specialised dog & handler team can provide.


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